Friday, June 4, 2010

Our Cats

Meet our two cats...Wyatt, and Rosalie. Any pet owner will tell you, that each animal has it's own distinct personality, and these two cats are no exception.

Cat in the Garden This is Wyatt, he's a well mannered,even tempered, tiger cat. He spends some of his time in the house, and some outdoors in the garden, as you can see. He mostly just wants the other animals in the family to leave him alone!

House Cat Playing Hunter
Rosalie, is strictly an indoor cat. She gets into everything, and pokes and prods at everyone. She is very friendly toward our other pets, but she sure gets on their nerves. He she is pretending to hunt a small stuffed bird. Cat toys help keep her occupied.

On some rare occasions, the two cats actually interact with each other. Perfect pet photo opportunities like this don't come every day, so you have to be quick with the camera.

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